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Our Services

  • Training
  • Internship / industrial company attachments
  • Marketing Services
  • House help Services

General Services

  • House Help
  • Nanny
  • Accountant
  • Secretary
  • Sales Girls/Boys
  • Waitresses
  • Factory Hands
  • Cooks
  • Marketers
  • Security Guards


Our recruitment services are offered in four categories:

We have a pool of high caliber professionals from all academic and professional backgrounds that are ready to impact greatly on your establishment. We provide short listing and selection services by matching qualifications and competencies to the requirements of our clients, we-qualified staff to match specific job/role requirements in any sector.

To ensure quality service, JOBMART CONSULT LIMITED does not compromise on standards.

Through our high standard of assessment coupled with rigorous reference checks, we can affirm our ability to provide the right person for any job especially in your company.


Seeking for right placement involves a number of services:

  • Placing advertisements in the newspaper if necessary.
  • Matching the right person to the right job through our database.
  • Short listing.
  • Reference checks.
  • A preliminary face to face interview.
  • Telephone interview.
  • Coordinating and interview arrangements.
  • Salary negotiation.

This arrangement is to take care of temporal services needed by organizations to keep their businesses running. We provide temporary staff with experience who can do contract/ relieving duties from a day to a year.

Manufacturing and Telecommunication companies who have just secured a contract and needed temporal staff to execute the contract can rely on JOBMART for professional and on time recruitment of temporal Professional staff, our track record in this field is not in doubt.

Our temporal staff recruitment is aimed at providing stopgap solutions to increasing workload or staff vacancy until a permanent solution is found if needed.

This is an initiative of JOBMART CONSULT LIMITED to collaborate with your establishment in the recruitment and management of your staff and take away the administrative stress of staff management.

This is a unique service which furnishes our clients with all categories of staff who will work permanently for our client and yet remain on our payroll. This scheme allows us to relieve our clients of the administrative burden of managing staff. JOBMART handles all the personnel related functions associated with the staff, including recruitment, contracting, payments of salaries and all statutory obligation (SSNIT, TAX, etc.) and attendance management responsibilities. This is an attempt aimed at increasing efficiency as well as productivity through collaborative and effective management of your organization’s deliverables. This service allows business owners and HR managers to focus on business strategy and broader policy issues. We also manage the entire components of organizations deliverables.


JOBMART CONSULT LIMITED absorbs the current contract staff of your company and takes over all the human resource and administrative obligations associated with their work.

In effect, the employee will be working permanently/temporally for your company but will remain on our payroll. We shall be responsible for all administrative and personnel management functions as related to their employment such as payment of social security and income tax obligations and relieve you of the administrative burden in staff management.

Whiles working in your premises the staff shall be subject to all condition of work as may be spelled out in your modus operandi.

Our target group in this regard is basically those workers who do not form the core of the management or administration such as sales representatives, tellers, security personnel, factory hands, cleaners or any such employees as may be determined by your management.

Alternatively, JOBMART CONSULT LIMITED could be contracted to deliver outright services such as Marketing, Human Resource Development Management, Secretarial Services, Economic Services or any such services that would reduce management time of your organization to pave way for more strategic concerns.

Individuals – we provide domestic help for busy families requiring assistance in the homes such as nannies, cooks, cleaners, house helps (male/females), gardeners, security officers, etc.

Domestic Assistance/house help Services have become essential supplements of home management efforts in the changing demands of home management responsibilities. At JOBMART CONSULT LIMITED, we provide responsible, hard-working and respectful persons who work to the satisfaction of our clients.

The client is obliged to give notice to the domestic help as at when he/she decides to terminate the contract. However, the individual (employer) or company can enter a special arrangement with the domestic assistant in this regard.


For an establishment like yours, dealing with the pressure to streamline operations and become more competitive in your industry, this service gives you a number of advantages:

  • Workers who do not form part of management such as service ambassadors, front desk personnel, drivers, cash boys; secretarial customer service representatives, direct sales executives and junior support staff no more burdens with recruiting and managing such staff.
  • For companies that work with professional contract staff such as Telecom Engineers, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Marketing Executive, Contract Managers, etc.
  • Human resource management time is released to be spent on strategic and organizational development issues instead of day-to-day personnel management obligations.
  • Management is completely relieved of the burden of dealing with industrial action, general insubordination, or other worrying and unnecessary demands of staff.
  • Attendance of staff is closely monitored, thereby increasing output, flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to shortages created; absence, sickness or sudden increases in workload.
  • Having a pool of non-permanent staff who are already familiar with working in your company, it will be possible to select individuals for permanent contract positions if the need arises. This arrangement cuts down cost and the risk involved in recruiting people who may prove unsuitable or unable to cope with the demands of the job.

Contract proposal will be presented upon request.


  1. Saves the employer time / cost in the following areas
  • Obtaining experienced staff at short notice
  • Interviewing processes to identify qualified/suitable candidates
  • Selection and short-listing of applicants
  • Checking and verification of references
  • Advertising cost of the job position
  1. As a result of our rigorous screening processes and career advisory services, we produce high caliber Personnel to meet the demands of our clients

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